Garage door openers are now sold widely because of their security and convenience features. A few years ago Overhead Door openers were thought of as redundant and sold at very high prices. However with passage of time they have become a necessity and are installed in most residential garages.
In many homes the garage is used as an entrance. A well insulated door with an electronic opener ensures proper security of your home from thieves Clopay Garage Door Dealers and burglars. You could choose among three varieties of openers, namely, chain drive type, screw drive kind, and belt drive variety.
An overhead door opener is an electronic device fitted between an electric motor and the door’s spring arrangement. Impulses triggered by a transmitter are picked up by sensors fitted on both the inside and outside of the garage. On receiving impulses the opener activates the electric motor which pulls up or pushes down the door. This is a well coordinated process and requires all the components to work in unison.
The opener and electric motor are fitted a few inches above the torsion spring which is placed in the center above the overhead door. The torsion spring activated by the motor lifts the door with the assistance of two suspension springs fitted on either side. The entire assembly moves upwards and downwards along guiding tracks on two sides of the doorway. Bearings help the garage door to slide along these tracks.
Employing a professional technician to install or repair your garage door opener is strongly advised. Garage doors are heavy and need to be carefully installed. Do yourself a favor and get professional help with this job.
Also consider the benefits of insulation. An insulated door Lowes Garage Door Repair provides comfort and protection against the elements.

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