Garages are often filled with valuable items, and thieves know this. Not only do these buildings typically hold at least one or two vehicles, they also generally contain a variety of items that you don’t need or want (or have room for) inside your home. In many cases, garages contain at least several hundred dollars worth of tools or other equipment, yet people rarely think about providing adequate protection for these items.
Burglars tend to think of garages as a primary entry point for gaining access to a house because homeowners are generally not very security-conscious when it comes to their garages. While many people have alarm systems protecting their homes, often times these systems do not extend to cover a garage.
Fortunately, there are some fairly simple things you can do to protect the items in your garage from burglars.
1. Keep your garage door closed at all times. If a thief can’t see inside your garage to check out what you have, then he will be far less likely to attempt to break in.
2. If there are any windows in your garage, make sure they are secure. Install sturdy locks on them and make sure that the glass is security-coated. Geniecompany Com Support_Warranty Aspx You might even consider installing some type of frosted glass so that would-be burglars cannot look inside your garage to see what’s inside.
3. Make sure you have good garage doors. While this may be seem a bit obvious, the fact is that most people fail to make improvements or renovations to increase the security of their garages. You need to ensure that there are no loose panels or damaged areas that could be broken off, thus allowing a burglar easier access. Also check for broken panes and rusty areas that may need some work in order to make them more secure areas. If your doors do not close securely, make it your priority to get them fixed right away.
4. Garage door openers are important. If you don’t already have this convenient feature installed, consider springing for the expense. Electrical garage door openers make it much more difficult for burglars to try to break in through the garage doors themselves. Once you have your electronic garage door opener installed, remember to change the preset combination. This is important because the preset combinations are generally very simple sequences of numbers that most burglars could easily figure out with just a few attempts.
5. If your garage is attached to your house with a connecting door, make sure that this door has ample security. Don’t assume that because it is only an entry point between the garage and the house that it doesn’t need any extra security measures. Connecting doors should have the same type of locking system that you use on your front door. You should at least have a deadbolt. If you can afford it, consider installing a keyless entry system for an additional measure of security.
Keyless entry systems are ideal for all exterior doors, as well as doors that connect your garage to your house, because they do not require keys. All you have is a number pad Curved Door Arm that allows you entrance into your home. Since there are no locks to pick or pry open, keyless entry systems are actually the most secure kind of locking system you can buy.

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