5 Ways to Buy Patio Accessories Without Breaking The Bank

There are many ways to get around the tricky situation of a tight budget. Everywhere you look there are magazines and websites telling you how you can decorate for less or do it yourself on a budget. It’s no different when it comes to decorating and fitting out yourA�patio. In fact, it can be even easier to decorate and furnish an outdoor space than any other area of your home.
Try these five fun tips to getting patio accessories without breaking the bank:
1) Second handA�
Patio accessories don’t always have to be new to look great. Sometimes you find the most interesting and character-filled pieces in second hand, antique or junk shops. They say one person’s trash is another person’s treasure, so why not take some time out on a Sunday and trawl the local second hand shops for your treasure.
2) Repair and repaintA�
If you can’t afford to buy your patio accessories, then perhaps you can afford to refresh your existing ones. Time is usually the only thing you really need to breath new life into your outdoor accessories. Get out a bucket of water and a scrubbing brush to wash down and strip off all the dirt, cobwebs and grease from your furniture, pots and awnings. A good wash will work wonders and all it costs is your time. If you have wooden furniture or a pergola then a small investment in a pot of paint or lacquer is all that you’ll need to restore your timber back to its former glory.
3) End of LineA�
Many outdoor furniture and department stores have sales throughout the year. This is to get rid of older lines and make way for the new designs and models. Take advantage of end of line discounts and pick yourself up some planter boxes, pots for planting, chairs and tables, awnings and even lighting.
4) Damaged or Best Garage Doors incompleteA�
Some businesses have a special section in the store where you can pick up some drastically reduced items. The reason they are so heavily discounted is because they have been damaged, displayed or are incomplete. Outdoor accessories and furniture is going to get worn and damaged anyway, just from being outside, so a few scuff marks or divots won’t be noticeable in an outdoor setting.
Mismatched or eclectic furniture and accessories seem to look great on a patio. The diversity in styles can add character and make your outdoor area feel more casual and cosy.
5) Garage Winter Garage Door Maintenance SalesA�
Garage sales are an excellent way to stock up on patio accessories with out breaking your budget. Look out for moving house signs, where people are getting rid of good quality items rather than simply getting rid of their junk. You can negotiate a great deal and in most cases, the owner just wants to see their belongings going to someone who can enjoy and look after them. At garage sales you can pick up chairs, tables, pots and sometimes plants, shelves, candles and mats. Any or all of these accessories will help to make anyA�outdoor patioA�look great on a very small budget.

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