With so much advice and information available these days on how to improve the value of your property it is well worth taking a look at your outdoor entertaining area. The addition of a pergola can transform any back yard with style and sophistication adding value to your property as well as creating an inviting entertainment area for your friends and family.
Stratco pergolas are well known in Australia and stand the test of time in such a harsh climate.
1. Style How To Tell If Garage Door Is Balanced
With so many styles to choose from, the Stratco pergola will blend in with your existing dwelling and improve the overall appearance of your outdoor area. The range is varied and includes traditional, contemporary and everything in between with their Outback style proving the most popular because of its adaptability to Australian conditions.
2. Durability
There is little point spending time and money on home improvements unless those additions are going to stand the test of time. After all, you may not want to sell your home straight away. Not only will you have the added enjoyment of your new outdoor area for a long time to come but you will feel reassured knowing the installation of a Stratco pergola has been proven to last longer than other products.
3. Quality materials
Any improvement to your property with a view for resale will increase the value but by using quality materials you are also ensuring potential buyers will be impressed with Painted Garage Door Sticking your attention to detail. Stratco have a reputation to uphold as the leading supplier of pergolas and verandas. This means the final product is guaranteed to be superior.
4. Enhance the outdoor living area
Chances are you already have the traditional veranda and barbecue area. Let’s face it most Aussie homes are built that way. But if you truly want to enhance your outdoor space the addition of a pergola, whether freestanding or as an extension of the existing structure will go a long way to improving the appeal of your back yard. Potential buyers come in to your home wanting to know how their family will fit into the space you have created for yourselves.
5. Provide protection from the elements
Show that you are serious about looking after your property. A pergola that has been carefully designed and added to an existing veranda can be used to provide added protection to the main structure. The additional costs of roofing your pergola will assist in keeping the sun off veranda paving and window dressings.
Whether you simply want to improve your outdoor area for your own enjoyment or are preparing your property for sale, Stratco pergolas are a proven way of adding value to your existing home. It would do well to remember the adage ‘you only get one chance to make a first impression’. Make it an unforgettable one.

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