5 Reasons Why Home Pergola Adds Value to Your Property

Enhance the outdoor living space of your property by adding a home pergola. Whether a pergola is an extension of the existing veranda or a stand alone structure in the back yard, the addition will also bring years of enjoyment.
The costs can be kept to a minimum by adding some finer touches and special features. The more you do to your home or yard to improve its appeal means added value to your property.
1. Aussies are all about the great outdoors. When you’re ready to sell your home, potential buyers will be looking for the perfect outdoor area with a vision to entertaining their family and friends.
2. Pergolas can be used to train plants and vines providing a sheltered and shady retreat. The beauty is they shed their leaves in winter when you want the sun to shine through. Grape vines provide delicious fruit in season too.
There are a number of other fruit yielding vines that can be trained up the posts. Passionfruit and kiwi fruit are other alternatives. Established gardens and landscaped areas are proven to add value to property.
3. Increasing the square metre area of your property under the main roof will add instant value. When a valuer calculates what your home is worth one of the Mid Century Modern Garage Door For Sale major factors is the overall area of the main dwelling. A paved pergola even if it is separate to the main building will still produce an added benefit.
4. Making your back yard as attractive as you can will entice buyers to picture their own family enjoying the outdoor space. After all the main selling point of any home is how good it looks at first glance. Many owners either get tired or simply forget about the outdoor area. They have spent so much time inside they may not even realise how drab things look from the back door.
5. Roofing your pergola will give the home owner additional time spent outdoors protected from the elements.
While any addition to your home can improve the overall value it is important to make your property as attractive as possible. By Garage Door Repair Videos taking control of how your property is presented you will be increasing the overall desire of a buyer wanting to own your home.

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