The garage door is not a toy. You’ve probably told your kids that, if you haven’t been told that yourself at one point. Sure, it’s fun to watch the garage door open and close at the click of a button, but that door is a couple hundred pounds. There is a real danger of crushing. Not only that, the door has many wires and springs that can maim or kill if improperly handled. Following are 5 tips to keep your family safe while enjoying the convenience of an automatic garage door.
1) Never Mess With The Garage Door Springs!
Garage door springs are wound and under pressure. Do not touch the springs or any areas around the springs. Improper handling can cause the spring to release, catching anything in proximity and severing it.
2) Stay Clear of The Cables
Cables work in tandem with the springs to raise and lower your door. While not under tension like springs, you can easily get clothing or a limb caught in a cable and pulled into the pulley of the door. Strangulation or loss of a limb could occur.
3) Never Operate It When Objects or People Are Near
Remember, the door is a couple hundred pounds. While safety measures are included in newer doors to mitigate risk of crushing, no system is foolproof. Make sure the area around the door is clear before activating.
4) Child Proof
A remote control is fun for a child to play with, opening and closing the door with the push of a button. Some parents even encourage children to be responsible for opening and closing the garage door before the family leaves. The door is not a toy, as tragic stories of children being crushed or losing limbs can prove. Keep the remote out of reach of children, and the wall button mounted high enough so children can not reach it. If you must allow your children to be responsible for opening and closing the door for the family, supervise them.
5) Don’t Neglect Repair
When it is obvious that it is time for garage door repair work to be done, do not put it off. Just like a trip to your dentist or a regularly scheduled oil change for your car, the longer you put repair off the worse your door is going to be. Not only Protect Roof From Hurricane will it be more costly to fix your door, but fraying cables, loose pulleys, and worn springs can be a serious hazard. Search the Internet or open your telephone book and find a repair company close by. Service is typically fast and convenient.
Follow these tips, keep your door maintained, and remember that your garage door is not a toy, and you will enjoy When Were Sectional Garage Doors Invented the convenience of an automatic door for years to come with the safety and health of you and your family.

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