Not everyone can program garage door openers without help. Here are 4 commonly installed openers with instructions on how to program them.
There are hundreds of openers for the garage and it’s hard to say which one is better than another because people buy them with different needs in mind. Newer models tend to be easier than old ones to program, but they’re hardly intuitive for the average person to set up.
One reason programming can be so difficult is because there is a lot of new terminology inside the manual for the home owner to learn. Consulting any relevant diagrams can help, but what if there are none?
Here are some of the most common terms you’ll encounter in the manual, plus some easy to understand definitions.
Opener: The opener is not the remote, and vice versa. The opener is a large box, usually fitted with a light, and holds a motor that lifts the door. There will be a small button (facing the entrance of the house, not the garage) that is used during the programming process.
Remote: The remote is relatively tiny when compared to the opener. It’s typically a handheld device, or is attached to a keyring. It may or may not be required during programming.
Connector: The connector is a cable that comes with keyless entry pads. It resembles Do I Need An Insulated Garage Door In Florida an audio wire or cell phone charging cable. It is sometimes used during programming.
Terminal: The terminal is an outlet for the connector cable and looks like a jack.
Let’s go over 4 models and see how it’s done.
Genie: On this model, programming involves pressing a button on the opener with the word “learn”. You’ll press it once when you’re in range of the remote, and once again to complete programming.
Liftmaster: Again, you’ll locate the button with the word “learn”. Press once to begin programming, and another time once you’ve entered the code on the keyless entry pad or pressed “open” on the remote.
Linear: Find the “learn” button (notice a pattern yet?), press it to get started. Quickly enter your code from the keyless entry Arched Carport Kits number pad. You’ll only have 15 seconds to do this, so make sure you’re ready. Press the button again to finish programming.
Marantec: This brand is a little different. First, locate the connector that came with the system and plug it in. Then, from the keyless entry unit, press enter or send to get started. Enter your code, then press the enter or send button one last time to program the code. Now, unplug the connector.
Of course, you’ll want to test out the door to make sure it has been properly programmed. To do that, here are some instructions that will help:
Make sure the front door to the house is unlocked. Then, close the garage and try entering the code from the keyless entry pad. Next, close the garage again and try opening with the remote.

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