You might be surprised at the variety of garage door prices and sizes you face when the time comes for you to buy a garaged door opener. There are at least 10 things to look for when buying one. It includes a number of aspects that you need to take into account to make the best choice for your garage.
First is the type of drive system you want for your garage. This is the most important choice that you have to decide on. There are three types of drive: chain, belt and screw. Chain drive openers are the oldest, common and cheapest type. They can be noisy Garage Door Aesthetics so putting them under a bedroom or near a room will not be appreciated. Belt-drive openers are the quietest type. Screw-drive openers are the third type which is the easiest to install and needs little maintenance however it is slightly expensive.
The next thing to consider is the amount of power you may need. A single door will work fine with the smallest motor and 9 Foot Tall Garage Door a double door will work with at least ½ horsepower. So consider the garage door sizes and power available.
Another consideration is the door size. The standard size for a door is 7-feet tall, and the standard garage opener will accommodate doors up to 6 inches taller than that. Taller doors will require an extension kit.
Safetyis important so when buying a door choose the one with safety mechanism. It consists of stopping and reversing a closing door when some object passes beneath it. Through this reversing mechanism, damage to cars, people and pets can be saved. This mechanism should be regularly maintained and tested.
For security features, be sure to buy a door opener that has a rolling code feature. This will protect you from burglars and thieves. This prevents them from having access to your garage. It makes it difficult for a potential burglar to access the code that will open the door.
Another thing to consider are the lights. Light source is very important in the garage. You may choose units that can handle two 60-watt bulbs or one that can handle two 100-watt bulbs.
Though battery backup is not a standard feature it is available on some models. The backup kicks in and allows you to use the garage opener when your electrical power is knocked out. Without the backup battery you will find yourself locked out of your own home.
Another thing to consider when buying a garage door opener is the remote control. For new garage door openers two remote control units are standard. Some remotes come with a single button which only opens one door while others have multiple buttons and opens more than one door.
Warranty must also be taken into account. This usually varies from model to model.
Lastly, consider garage door prices. The price for a type of drive you choose varies according to the horsepower unit. Find for yourself the simplest door opener model that suits your needs. With the price, choose the one that will require little maintenance.

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